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Green Tara Mandala Thangka

Green Tara Mandala Thangka

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Green Tara Mandala Thangka

 Green Tara is the enlightened representation of Enlightened Activities and compassion.

Cotton canvas art is allowed to be mounted in a western-style frame or set in coloured brocade in traditional style (contact us at tibetanemporium@mail.com for further information on brocade setting)

Dimensions: (approximate)

60cm x 50cm

Kindly note: Traditional thangka artists do not sign their name on their completed work.

By not doing so, it is a symbol of humility and reluctance to take any merit for the work that they created. Preferably, the artwork is considered as a tribute to the dharma and the deity they create.

Please be aware of the misconception that thangka art is worth more when signed by the artist.