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Shiny Medicine Buddha Tsa Tsa - 6cm

Shiny Medicine Buddha Tsa Tsa - 6cm

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Medicine Buddha Tsa Tsa 7cm

Handmade from plaster, painted and lacquered

Measurements (approximate):

Height: 6cm

Width: 5cm


Medicine Buddha is an important figure in Tibetan Buddhism, and he is associated with healing, both physical and spiritual. The symbolism of Medicine Buddha reflects this focus on healing and compassion.

Medicine Buddha is depicted with a blue body, which represents the healing energy of the Buddha. The blue color is also associated with purity and the elimination of negativity. He is often shown holding a bowl of medicine, which represents the power of his teachings to heal the suffering of the world. In some depictions, he is also shown holding a healing plant or herb.

The Medicine Buddha's left hand is often in the mudra of meditation, symbolizing his focus on the inner healing of the mind and spirit. His right hand is in the mudra of granting boons, symbolizing his ability to bestow blessings and healing upon those who seek his help.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Medicine Buddha is believed to have the power to heal physical and mental illnesses, as well as to alleviate suffering caused by ignorance, attachment, and aversion. His teachings are also said to help practitioners achieve enlightenment and liberation from suffering.

In summary, Medicine Buddha symbolizes healing, compassion, and the power of spiritual practice to overcome suffering and achieve enlightenment.