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Rainbow Moonstone Offering Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Offering Stones
Rainbow Moonstone Offering Stones

Rainbow Moonstone Offering Stones

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Semi-Precious Offering Stones - Rainbow Moonstone

Add to your existing offering stone collection or start a new one.

Rainbow moonstone offering stones can be added to barley grains, high quality rice or other offering substances.

Rainbow moonstone is believed to assist in new beginnings and improve connection to your intuitive side.

Weight: 250g

Mandala is used to purify negative karma and accumulate merit or positive karma

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Wash before use

Disclaimer: for healing use, combine with effective medications and practices prescribed by a qualified health professional.

Rainbow Moonstone Benefits
"Rainbow moonstone is the stone for new beginnings. Connecting strongly to the moon and the moon phases. Moonstone can connect one to their intuitive side as it carries the vibration of cosmic light and offers spiritual healing. It also can enhance psychic abilities and helps to develop clairvoyance. Balances the male and female energies within oneself and can remove old emotional patterns and can stabilise the emotions."