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Padmasambhava Incense
Padmasambhava Incense

Padmasambhava Incense

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Padmasambhava Tibetan Incense

100% pure natural substances

Combines over 100 medicinal and aromatic plants from the Himalayan regions.

It will purify, refresh and soothe your environment and promote well-being

30 sticks per round holder

approximately 20cm length

Packaged in a reusable holder

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal

This incense is a secret blend of Aloe wood, saffron, nutmeg, Sea-Foan, cloves, juniper, sandalwood and other kinds of herbs.

Burning this incense will bring peace, happiness and will make the surroundings feel like a heavenly temple.

Kindly note: Tibetan incense has a consistent diameter of 3-4mm at either end of the stick

Disclaimer: Tibetan Incense is intended to be a complimentary method to reduce stress etc, not as a complete treatment, please seek professional advice.