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Lotka Printed Gift Wrapping Paper
Lotka Printed Gift Wrapping Paper
Lotka Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

Lotka Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

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Hand printed lotka gift wrapping paper

Wrap your gifts in handmade and unique paper

Gorgeous nature inspired prints and designs

Thick and durable quality while maintaining foldablilty

Measurements: (approximate)

Length: 76cm

Width: 51cm

Per Sheet


About Lokta Paper

This product is made from the bark of Daphne Cannabina of Papyracea.

Locally, known as 'Lokta', which is found at altitude between 2000-3500 metres in the Himalayan mountains.

The 'Lokta' of Daphne Cannabina has characteristics of regenerating again after 6 to 8 years of cutting. Bark is collected with environmental awareness.

This indigenous handmade paper is renowned for it's execptional durability and special texture.

Manuscripts of Buddhist texts, royal edicts and legal documents, centuries old, have been recorded on this type of handmade paper.

The 'Lokta' paper making process involves cooking the bark twice, consecutive washing, chopping and beating with a wooden hammer.

The soft pulp is poured over a wooden frame and spread evenly by gently shaking the floating frame in water. Once this process is complete, the product is then sun dried.

Kindly note: due to the handmade process some inconsistency and imperfections may occur