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Kadampa Stupa - 18cm
Kadampa Stupa - 18cm
Kadampa Stupa - 18cm

Kadampa Stupa - 18cm

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Kadampa Stupa 18cm

Place this stupa on your altar as a representation of the enlightened mind.

Traditional Buddhist altars have images or representations of the Buddha's body, speech and mind and the stupa or 'chorten' represents the mind aspect.

Measurements (approximate):

Height: 18cm

Base diameter: 7.5cm

Handmade from plaster.


A Kadampa Stupa is a type of Buddhist monument or structure that is commonly found in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The term "Kadampa" refers to a specific lineage of Tibetan Buddhism that emerged in the 11th century, founded by the master Atisha.

A stupa, also known as a chorten in Tibetan, is a dome-shaped structure that represents various aspects of the Buddhist path, including the Buddha's enlightenment, his teachings, and the Sangha (Buddhist community). It is believed that building and circumambulating a stupa can accumulate merit and purify negative karma.

In the context of Kadampa Buddhism, a Kadampa Stupa may refer to a stupa that has been specifically blessed or consecrated by Kadampa masters or practitioners, or a stupa that has been built or used in the context of Kadampa teachings and practices. Kadampa stupas may also contain relics or other sacred objects, such as images of deities or mantras, that are believed to enhance the power and blessings of the stupa.