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Bhutanese Traditional Door Curtain
Bhutanese Traditional Door Curtain
Bhutanese Traditional Door Curtain

Bhutanese Traditional Door Curtain

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Bhutanese Traditional Door Curtain

Made in Nepal

Material: Cotton

Approximate measurements:

Length: 186cm

Width: 94cm

Kindly note: due to the handmade nature of these items, slight variations may occur

What is the symbolism behind the Bhutanese door curtain?

The Bhutanese door curtain, also known as "Lingthram" or "Thongdrel", is a piece of cloth that hangs over the entrance of homes, monasteries, and other important buildings in Bhutan. It is typically made of silk or cotton and adorned with intricate embroidery or applique work.

The door curtain is considered to be a symbol of Bhutanese culture and tradition, and it holds significant spiritual and religious meanings. It is believed to protect the building and its inhabitants from evil spirits and negative energy, and also to welcome positive energy and good luck.

In addition to its protective and auspicious qualities, the door curtain also serves as a form of communication. The intricate designs and symbols on the curtain convey important messages and teachings of Buddhism, which is the predominant religion in Bhutan. For example, the images of deities and other spiritual beings on the curtain serve as reminders of the Buddhist teachings and values.

Overall, the Bhutanese door curtain is a powerful symbol of Bhutanese culture, tradition, and spirituality, and it holds deep meaning and significance for the people of Bhutan.