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Faux Lapis Lazuli 108 Bead Mala - 8mm
Faux Lapis Lazuli 108 Bead Mala - 8mm
Faux Lapis Lazuli 108 Bead Mala - 8mm

Faux Lapis Lazuli 108 Bead Mala - 8mm

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Lapis Lazuli 108 Bead Mala - 8mm bead diameter

Hand strung 108 bead prayer mala

Each beads is approximately 8mm diameter

With blue, strong thread

Brocade safe keeping mala bag included (may vary from bag pictured)

Why is Lapis Lazuli highly valued in Tibetan Buddhism?

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone that has been highly valued in Tibetan Buddhism for centuries. The stone is prized for its deep blue color, which is believed to symbolize the purity and clarity of the Buddha's teachings.

In Tibetan Buddhism, lapis lazuli is also associated with the medicine Buddha, a deity who is revered for his ability to heal physical and spiritual illnesses. The color blue is believed to have healing properties, and lapis lazuli is thought to enhance the medicine Buddha's healing powers.

Additionally, lapis lazuli is believed to aid in spiritual development and meditation. Its deep blue color is said to help calm the mind and bring about a sense of inner peace and serenity. It is also thought to enhance one's ability to communicate with the divine and to access higher realms of consciousness.

Due to its spiritual significance and healing properties, lapis lazuli has been used in Tibetan Buddhist art and ritual objects such as statues, prayer beads, and mandalas. It is also often used in the creation of thangkas, which are religious paintings on cotton or silk that depict Buddhist deities and spiritual themes.