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Arya Green Tara Tsa Tsa - 7cm
Arya Green Tara Tsa Tsa - 7cm

Arya Green Tara Tsa Tsa - 7cm

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Arya Green Tara Tsa Tsa 7cm

Handmade from plaster, painted and lacquered

Measurements (approximate):

Height: 7cm

Width: 6cm


Arya Green Tara is a significant figure in Tibetan Buddhism and is considered one of the most revered and widely worshipped deities in the tradition. Green Tara is a female bodhisattva, and a bodhisattva is a being who has attained enlightenment but has chosen to remain in the world of suffering to help others.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Green Tara is associated with many qualities, including compassion, wisdom, and protection. She is often depicted with one leg outstretched, ready to leap into action to help those who call upon her. Green Tara is also often shown with her right hand in the mudra of granting boons, indicating her willingness to bestow blessings and assistance to those who ask for her help.

Green Tara's color symbolizes the energetic and dynamic quality of the enlightened mind, and her green color also represents the active aspect of compassion, which is the spontaneous and effortless desire to help others. She is considered a particularly effective protector against the obstacles and challenges that arise on the spiritual path.

In summary, Arya Green Tara symbolizes compassion, wisdom, protection, and active engagement in helping others.