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Padum Village in Zanskar Valley, Ladakh Northern India - Projects

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For every order placed, a portion is donated to the following project located in Padum village, Zanskar Valley, Ladakh, Northern India

These include:
  • New accommodation building
  • Driveway resealing and repair
  • Nutrition and daily needs
  • Medical care & treatment
  • Temple & grounds maintenance
  • English & Science Education
  • Class Resources
  • Retreat Facilities

Gallery - Padum Village, Zanskar Valley, North India

13th February 2023: Latest Update:

Well, as it turns out, it is almost an entire year since my last update! An update on our building project in Padum Village, Zanskar Valley, Ladakh, India.

As you know, Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practices was created out of the thought bubble to work toward raising funds for the construction on two parcels of land in Padum village.

What has happened in the past year, then?

I am very proud to share with you that Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practices sponsored the four tibetan buddhist nuns currently living in Padum village with the following:

4 x puffer jackets

4 x hot water bottles

4 x faux fur-lined wrap skirts

and thanks to a generous sponsor from Himalayan Rocket Stoves,

4 x mini smokeless rocket stoves.

I am currently looking to partner with on-the-ground organisations to begin the initial planning stage in regard to the following:

  • architecture design,
  • alternative heating,
  • solar electrical,
  • hot & cold water sources,
  • best practice building methods relevant to the high altitude & cold environment
  • sustainable building material.

Strategies for raising funds

I have been thinking deeply over this past year about practical ways to raise money that will be used to make materialize this project.

I have concluded that collaboration with other service providers would be indispensable at this point.

I have created the Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practices website and I am hoping to build it into an online wellness centre or hub.

By using a multi-disciplinary approach I hope to attract a variety of people who may be intrigued by the variety of services available all in one place.

Any profit made from classes, courses, or mentoring sessions will go to the funding pool for this project.

Secondly, in a similar fashion, however, somewhat more traditional, I am hoping to organise Natural Therapies Expo & Festivals in my local area.

This will offer in-person demonstrations, workshops, presentations and more to engage the local community with the local service providers.

The purpose of this is to encourage the community to engage in meditation, yoga, ayurvedic treatments, learn about Chinese herbal medicine and so on to improve the community's overall wellness and support small businesses.

Any profit made for the expo & festival will go towards the building fund.


10th February 2022.  Update: When it all started

My dear friend called me a couple of weeks ago for a catch-up. In the process, she shared with me that she has been offered a piece of land on the outskirts of a small Ladakhi town called Padum. I exclaimed the offer was a great opportunity and she agreed, however, 'that wasn't all', she said. She told me that there are a small group of nuns from her previous nunnery in Bhutan and they have been offered by the Padum local people a parcel of land in town. So, instead of raising funds for her to come to Australia and teach, she wants me to help build on these two land opportunities.. now that is something I didn't see coming!

Now I am, at this stage anyway, responsible for raising money to fund this amazing building project, in a remote part of far north India. In the spirit of offering a window into this world and offering secular contemplative practice to improve personal wellness; Samadhi Centre Contemplative Practices was born.

 Many thanks for reading
Please check back regularly for any updates
Warmest regards,


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