Inji Ani - Thubten Choekyi - From Nirvana Loving Teenager to Buddhist Nun to Wife & Mum: A Journey

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Welcome to my personal Journey!

I will work on my story when I get the time & inspiration.

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Finally, i feel i can think about something other than the bush fires that have been surrounding our little town and other nearby villages, says she as she still listens to the fire scanner while typing this.

First of all, I want to mention how thankful I am to be able to write something like this and possible share it with others.

I have never considered myself as anything special, only as someone who was and is sure that there has to be something more to our lives than growing up, going to college/uni, getting a career, married, a mortgage, retirement and finally death; a more meaningful purpose.

Driven by this mentality, I decided to look out side this box as a teenager, maybe in 1997, and discovered that i seemed to want more or something different.

During my mid-teens, I withdrew into myself and found comfort in the lyrics of Kurt Cobain, the front man of Nirvana. His pained and sometimes harsh words made me feel more comfortable with dissatisfaction that I felt towards the materialist way of life that we are encouraged to embrace growing up in the West.

Struggling to find positivity, meaning and purpose, I discovered a book as I was scanning the shelves in the bookstore one day, it was called Girlosophy A Soul Survival Kit by Anthea Paul. It featured beautiful photos of young women with positive affirmations on each page. I admired the girls in the photos; they looked so beautiful and confident; like they had life all figured out, I wished I was like them.

So, I tried to emulate these girls and implement the advice that each page gave.

But, there was still 'something' missing.

This time, I can across a book called 'The Art of Happiness. A Handbook for Living', by the 14th Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler.

At first, I was drawn towards the Dalai Lama's loving and open face that was smiling up at me from the bookshelf and the title said it all, 'yes, happiness is an art', I thought. I opened the pages and began to read a few lines on each page. 'It all seems like practical, commonsense advice, but why don't we do it?' I thought. Buying the book, I decided to try my best to practice what the Dalai Lama said.....

And so, it all began in a humble book store with the right book and right open mindedness.

Please check in later to read some more when I get a chance to write.

Much love



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  • You have a beautiful soul and loving heart.

    Sonya redding

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