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Small Thangkha - Buddha Shaykamuni

Small Thangkha - Buddha Shaykamuni

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Buddha Shakyamuni image with gold painted highlights.

Mounted in blue, yellow and red brocade.

Brocade top and bottom have wooden hangers.

Buddha Shakyamuni seated on an open lotus, sun and moon discs, upon a throne supported by two white snow lions.

Buddha Shakyamuni's right hand is in the 'earth-touching' mudra and left hand is in the meditative equipoise mudra.

Buddha Shakyamuni is surrounded by 34 Buddha images seated on lotus, sun and moon discs.

And there are 2 standing Bodhisattvas on either side of the snow lion throne.

Yellow cloth attached to top of thangka to cover and protect image from dust and while traveling.

Measurements: (Approximately)

Image: width: 10.5cm

            length: 15.5cm

Thangkha: width: 22cm

                length: 37cm