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Medicine Buddha Thangka

Medicine Buddha Thangka

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Medicine Buddha or Sangye Menla (Tibetan) is the Buddha of healing and medicine.

He is described as a doctor who cures suffering using the medicine of his teachings.

Hand painted on cotton canvas by master thangka artists located in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Painted colour has been made by crush stone and vegetable pigments with gold detail.

Cotton canvas art allows to be mounted in western-style frame or set in coloured brocade in traditional style (contact us at for further information on brocade setting)

Dimensions (approximate):

41cm x 30cm

Kindly note: Traditional thangka artists do not sign their name on their completed work.

By not doing so, it is a symbol of humility and reluctance to take any merit for the work that they created. Preferably, the artwork is considered as a tribute to the dharma and the deity they create.

Please be aware of the misconception that thangka art is worth more when signed by the artist