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Garnet Offering Stones
Garnet Offering Stones
Garnet Offering Stones

Garnet Offering Stones

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Semi-Precious Offering Stones - Garnet

Add to your existing offering stone collection or start a new one.

Garnet offering stones can be added to barley grains, high quality rice or other offering substances.

Garnet is believed to promote qualities of cleansing the charkas, increasing serenity or passion.

Weight: 250g

Mandala is used to purify negative karma and accumulate merit or positive karma

Follow the link to learn More about this practice:

Wash before use

Disclaimer: for healing use, combine with effective medications and practices prescribed by a qualified health professional.

Garnet Benefits
"Powerfully energizing and regenerating stone. Cleanses charkas, brings serenity or passion. Protective talisman. Inspires love and devotion, alleviates emotional disharmony. Clears negative charka energy. Opens up the heart and bestows self confidence, bringing sernity or passion in your life as needed. Garnet is a useful stone to have around in a crisis, as it helps in situations where there seems to be no way out."