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Bamboo Red Coral Offering Pieces
Bamboo Red Coral Offering Pieces
Bamboo Red Coral Offering Pieces

Bamboo Red Coral Offering Pieces

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Semi-Precious Offering Stones - Bamboo Red Coral

Add to your existing offering stone collection or start a new one.

Bamboo red coral can be added to barley grains, high quality rice or other offering substances.

Bamboo red coral is believed to promote qualities of courage, wisdom , protection, taming a temper and other benefits.

Weight: 200gms

Mandala is used to purify negative karma and accumulate merit or positive karma

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Wash before use

Disclaimer: for healing use, combine with effective medications and practices prescribed by a qualified health professional.

Red Bamboo Coral Benefits
Coral in general: Coral is used for protection, gives courage and wisdom. It tames the temper: Red Coral is good for helping to “tame” the wildness within such as tempers, rages, and compulsive disorders. Helps to balance us to the spiritual. It is a good stimulant for the root chakra. It protects one from depression and despondency. A good stone to strengthen the bone structure, it does well with mending broken bones.
It carries the sun’s energy, and does very well with the turquoise. Together they carry the energy of moon and sun, and are both balanced in silver settings.
Red Bamboo Coral is still used today as a talisman against evil spirits. It is said to bring luck to the home and used as a protector for those who work on or near the water. Wear it when traveling over water. It is best known for its benefits in stress relief. It stimulates intuition, peace and emotional healing. It can be worn to banish fear, nervousness, anxiety and even nightmares.
Physical Healing Properties: Red bamboo coral was used for centuries to regulate menstrual flow in women. It is used to ease cramps. It enhances fertility. Coral is also beneficial for bone growth and helps those who suffer from arthritis and other bone ailments. It can ease digestive problems, eye problems and blood-circulation disorders.